Safety is our number 1 priority at Wimorost. All our operational employees have a VCA certificate and from time to time courses and trainings are provided, for example forklift, aerial work platform and safe hoisting. This is how we keep safety awareness at a high level.


 Policy statement QHSE-policy

The organization's QHSE-policy is focused on the activities as named in the scope. Work is performed only in accordance with applicable standards and applicable laws and regulations.

The following principles apply to all employees within the organization:

  • Our organization ensures continious compliance with applicable legal and other applicable requirments before, during and after execution of our work.
  • The QHSE-policy serves as a starting point both during work on our own site and during work on a client's site.
  • The management shall make all means availible to ensure compliance with the QHSE-policy, as far as this is reasonably and practically possible
  • The organization has an open communication structure in the field of quality, safety, health and environment.
  • We strive for as much consultation and participation of employees as possible in the areas of quality, safety, health and environment.
  • The QHSE-policy is communicated througout the organization as often as necessary and/or desirable to ensure that the policy is fully understood and followed
  • Business operations are focused on continious improvement in the areas of quality, safety, health and environment.
  • Prior to execution of work, if necessary and/or desirable, risks present in the areas of quality, safety, health and environment will be reduced to a level as low as possible and in any case acceptable to everyone by taking appropiate and effective measures
  • All necessary measures will be taken to prevent accident with or without absence, injuries and (material) damage, unsafe actions and situations, environmental incidents and all other unwanted negative events.
  • Our organization is committed to sustainability, the prevention of nuisance and inconvenience, the reduction of fuel and energy consumption and the reduction of (hazardous) waste.
  • The QHSE-policy is evaluated as often as necessary and/or desirable. nut at least once a year, and if necessary adjusted, after which employees are informed of any changed made.
  • In case of complaints and deviations, both internal and external, appropriate measures will be taken tot deal with these complaints and deviations effectively, to solve them and to be able to prevent them in the future.
  • The organization aims to increase customer satisfaction by effectively applying the QHSE system, inclduing processes for system improvement.
  • Periodically, it will monitor and measure whether the organization's QHSE system is functioning according to the formulated policy and according to the formulated policy and according to legal and other requirments.
  • Management will ensure that the formulated policy is followed an will intervene if necessary


Moerdijk, August 10, 2022
Management Wimorost Construction B.V.