About us


Wimorost is a dynamic and ambitious company that fulfills the wishes of the customer. We relieve the client by taking care of the entire project from A to Z. From engineering, ordering, building and transport, to offshore installation and dismantling of installations.

We started Wimorost in 2004 and it has grown over the years into a leading company. We have a lot of knowledge, experience and an extensive network, with short lines, so that we can act quickly. Good communication and thinking along with what the customer wants is enormously important. Wimorost has all the required certificates.

Facilities of Wimorost Construction:

Workshop: 1200 m²
Maximum overhead door dimensions:  9 mtr width x 6,5 mtr height
Lifting capacity: 2 x 30T - 2 x 5T
Storage: 7000 m²


Wimorost, the solution for any steel construction