About us


Wimorost is a dynamic and ambitious company that fulfills the wishes of the customer. We relieve the client by taking care of the entire project from A to Z. From engineering, ordering, building and transport, to offshore installation and dismantling of installations.

We started Wimorost in 2004 and it has grown over the years into a leading company. We have a lot of knowledge, experience and an extensive network, with short lines, so that we can act quickly. Good communication and thinking along with what the customer wants is enormously important. Wimorost has all the required certificates.

Facilities of Wimorost Construction:

Production facilities: 4.800 m²
Maximum overhead door dimensions:  19,5 mtr width x 14,75 mtr height
Lifting capacity: 160 metric tonnes overhead cranes with a lifting height of 11.8 meters and various smaller (overhead) cranes
Laydown / storage area: 1.000 m²


Wimorost, the solution for any steel construction



Policy statement QHSE policy

The organisation's QHSE policy focuses on the activities as stated in the scope. Activities are carried out exclusively in accordance with applicable standards and applicable laws and regulations. The following principles apply to all employees within the organization:

  • Our company ensures continuous compliance with applicable legal and other applicable requirements, before, during and after the performance of our work.
  • The QHSE policy serves as a starting point both during activities on site and on site activities of clients.
  • The management makes all means available to guarantee compliance with the QHSE policy, insofar as this is reasonably and practically possible.
  • The organization has an open communication structure in the field of quality, safety, health and the environment, intended for both internal and external communication.
  • The KAM policy is communicated as often as necessary and / or desirable throughout the organization to ensure that the policy is fully understood and followed.
  • Operations are aimed at continuous improvement in the areas of quality, safety, health and the environment.
  • Before carrying out work, any risks present in the areas of quality, safety, health and the environment will, if necessary and / or desirable, be reduced to a level that is as low as possible and in any case acceptable to everyone, by taking appropriate and effective measures.
  • All necessary measures will be taken to prevent accidents with or without absenteeism, injury and (material) damage, unsafe actions and situations, environmental incidents and all other undesirable and negative events.
  • The QHSE policy is evaluated as often as necessary and / or desirable, but at least once a year and adjusted where necessary, after which employees are informed of any changes made.
  • In the event of complaints and deviations, both internal and external, appropriate measures will be taken to deal with, resolve and prevent these complaints and deviations in an effective manner.
  • The organization aims to increase customer satisfaction through effective application of the QHSE system, including processes for improving the system.
  • Periodically, it will be monitored and measured whether the organisation's QHSE system functions according to the formulated policy and according to legal and other requirements.

The management will ensure that the formulated policy is followed and will intervene where necessary.

Rotterdam, October 1, 2019

Wimorost Construction B.V.